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July 26, 2018
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Lito Multistores for Infants.

Lito Multistores for Infants.

Lito Multistores for infants need special attention to the music they play due to the delicate needs of the clients they have. Music has to be satisfying to everyone while not waking up the babies that the parents have brought with them.

Music has to accompany parents during their shopping time. In Lito Multistores, music is not needed to make the clients feel happy. The clients are already happy before they enter the stores because the baby itself is the greatest joy for the parent.

  • Noelle Barkshire

    The music we play is full of pleasant emotions and this is something really important to us! FeelMusic are the partners we needed because they catered to our needs and found what Lito Multistores truly needed.

    Noelle Barkshire
    Lito Multistores