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July 26, 2018
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Kalita Restaurant Mykonos.

Kalita Restaurant Mykonos.

Kalita restaurant is located inside the Fresh hotel in Mykonos. There, you may taste exquisite culinary flavors paired with high quality music chosen from various decades.

Later at night you can enjoy special cocktails while listening to modern jazzy/funk music.

  • Galatea Theoharopoulou

    The music program they have installed is really handy and easy to use. The music categories provided cover all existing genres giving us the capability to change music on the fly according to our customers' needs and depending on the time of the day. We recommend it to everyone who wishes for a professional music service for his business all day and night. Feelmusic offers quality both in music and in their technical support.

    Galatea Theoharopoulou
    Kalita Restaurant Mykonos